April 18, 2009

I have a suspicion an ecological aware friend of mine, who shall remain nameless, dresses like this when he “works from home”…



Windows 7 is heading the way of my Latitude XT. News as it comes in… I’m really just trying this to see how well multi-touch really works on the XT. It already has the BIOS & driver update (under Vista) that allows multi-touch to work in a limited capacity… scrolling etc. but Windows 7 promises so much more!

Someone who’s already well ahead of that curve, is Guillaume, who already has Windows 7 on a Latitude XT2.

Microsoft and Virtualization

January 16, 2009

Microsoft Windows

I have a varied selection of Operating Systems installed on various systems that I use. However one thing is quite clear (to me at least), each OS is there for a reason, and usually that is down to the fact that I need it for a particular application (personal preference), or that’s what policy dictates is on the machine ๐Ÿ˜‰

To the point… I have in the recent past defaulted to “install a Linux distro.” on any machine that I have to use for myself… this is likely due to three things:

  1. I generally have a DVD of a Linux distro. to hand
  2. I know (somewhat) what I am doing with Linux
  3. Linux is free (as in beer, as well as freedom), so I can legally install it anywhere I so choose. ยน

However, lately, I get the feeling I’ve been too Linux-centric, and have been missing out on what Windows has to offer. For example, my work laptop, has Vista installed, which, you know, isn’t so bad [gasp!]. My usage for that system is pretty straightforward – I need to *get my job done*, and that usually means E-mail (our corporate standard is Exchange, and Outlook 2007 works well enough), and a selection of Office 2007 applications – for interoperability reasons, I don’t have much choice there, and frankly the applications are very good, but for the price, they should be!

The bottom line is that I’m probably too focused on the mono-culture that is Linux ๐Ÿ™‚ and perhaps I should broaden my horizons to include some of those Microsoft Operating Systems too. So I will make a New Year’s Resolution to try installing some Windows OS on machines that need a new OS for a change.

Perhaps I’ll even try a Beta of the new Windows 7. A handy install guide is on Guillaume Field’s blog. In fact maybe I’ll even go so far as trying it out on my rather nice Dell Mini-9, according to Guillaume’s Guide to Installing Windows 7 on a Dell Mini-9.

Full disclosure: I work with Guillaume, and frankly he generally knows what he is doing with Microsoft products, so I would bookmark that blog if you ever think you might want to hear about Microsoft’s latest toys!

ยน I probably haveย  enough COA stickers attached to the back/underside of various systems for me to legally install Windows everywhere too ๐Ÿ™‚

It lives…

January 3, 2009

New Year, new resolve!

I managed to thoroughly annoy myself recently.

I have a horrible tendency to leave things to the last minute, as most of you who know me will concur. This has several major downsides:

  • it means that I exist mostly in a state of mild panic (this does however seem to work quite well for me ๐Ÿ™‚ )
  • it annoys my wife immensely as she prefers to panic up-front and everything needs to be done yesterday
  • I occasionally miss “stuff” – and this is what happened recently – and this annoys me as it makes me feel as though I have failed, which is, of course, the case. I hate that!

On the upside lastminute-itis:

  • means that you have to practice being patient, which is very useful for dealing with many things that life throws at you
  • forces you to learn to make decisions quickly and effectively; frankly the ability to execute (as it is know in management speak) is worth way more than it’s weight in gold, platinum, or even Inkjet Printer Ink

As far as patience goes… I’m convinced that it is a recessive genetic trait.

It seems that is possible to learn to be a little bit more patient than you are by default, but fundamentally you either have it or you don’t!
Why recessive? Is it just me (turning into a grumpy old man), or has the whole world become fundamentally *LESS* patient than it used to be? Which would seem to me to indicate a recessive genetic trait. But what would I know about genetics… it’s not my area of expertise…