Dell Streak Update

September 4, 2010

I have a new Dell Streak, which is a great piece of hardware, with, it has to be said, software that does not do it full justice. Although Android 1.6 is perfectly serviceable, the Streak really needs a newer version of the operating system to really shine.

It has been announced that O2 will be rolling out Android 2.1 soon to Dell Streak’s bought through (and locked to) the O2 network.

This morning my Streak (Dell OEM version) announced that it had an update waiting. Unfortunately this turns out only to have been a minor update, as my device is still running Android 1.6 following the update.

Before -> After

Firmware Version: 1.6 -> 1.6
Baseband Version: GAUSB1A110700-EU -> GAUSB1A111100-EU
Kernel Version: 2.6.29-perf -> 2.6.29-perf
Build Number: 4399->6267

Let’s hope 2.1 or 2.2 comes along soon.


I *KNOW* I have the manual from my Miele CVA620 coffee machine filed away somewhere safe… however when the built-in display on the machine insists that it is time to run a “Rinsing Cycle”, you can bet the folder containing the manual will be hiding away!

And that’s why I love any vendor who is smart enough to provide me with easy online access to manuals (PDF format is great for this kind of stuff); indepth technical manuals are a nice bonus for the nerdier amongst us. Miele do this very well, it’s possible to find user manuals for all of their appliances here:

Now why can’t all vendors be that helpful? It’s not like the user manuals contain any kind of secrets that can’t be revealed, there’s one shipped with every appliance out there (and it’s probably printed from a PDF 😉 anyway)! Improving the customers’ experience can be done with so little effort and incremental cost that it astonishes me when a company can’t be bothered to do something so simple.

For the record, the PDF User Manual for a Miele CVA620 is available to download here:


Windows 7 Update Update

March 3, 2010

Still plugging away with Windows 7 on a variety of machines.
Latest one to feel the goodness is my Dell Latitude E4300, now upgraded to swanky full 64bit version of Windows 7 Ultimate. With an SSD on board it is a nice machine to work on!

Only a couple of tweaks required post-install… convenience rather than driver issues…
… essential install is the Dell Control Point (DCP) System Manager software as it gives you the nice on-screen-displays, and allows you to tweak such things as the backlight brightness on the E4300 backlit keyboard. I am totally converted, I find it odd to use a machine without a backlit keyboard these days!
Get 64bit (Vista & Win7) DCP System Manager here:

Or if that link ever breaks; search from with your machine type, and select driver and software downloads.

Windows 7 Update

July 11, 2009

I keep meaning to update my progress with Windows 7… but am getting distracted by “other things that need my attention”.

Dell Latitude E4300

One of my team very kindly short-circuited my procrastination gene and handed me an SSD with a Windows 7 RC image for my E4300 already pre-installed. Even I can manage a hard-disk swap 🙂

It’s a very nice environment to work in… No doubt this is helped an awful lot by the responsive solid state disk on which the OS is installed. It’s nice that everything “just works”. Not had a single crash the whole time I’ve been using it… no song and dance required with any of the peripherals that I have tested it with so far (cameras, music players, etc.) This is in contrast to a friend of mine, a vocal Open Source and Linux supporter, who was bitching to me about the flakiness of USB memory stick support in the latest version of his once favoured Linux distribution!

Windows 7 (RC), so far so good 🙂

It’s never a good day when a significant, some would say dominant, company enters “your” market. You will always hear the usual “it validates our marketspace”… but it is also usually the sound of the beginning of the end…

This has happened before:

  • Lotus 1-2-3 Vs Microsoft Excel
  • Novell Netware Vs Microsoft
  • Yahoo Vs Google

Next on the list:

It may be that Google’s (second) entry into the Operating System marketplace will boost Ubuntu and Linux in general. However, even though ChromeOS might be initially targetted at Netbooks and similar systems, I suspect that it won’t be long before we see a “Server” version, and more likely a “Cloud” version… watch out Amazon ECC!

I’m sure that people will also point to the vast installed base that Ubuntu currently has, but it seems that Linux users are a fickle lot, and will happily try out a new Linux distribution, especially if it comes with the promise of even more “ease-of-use”, not to mention a “trusted” brand. The hardware vendors are no different… they will all, to differing degrees, support and fulfill a customer demand, following the market trends.

And my last random thought: maybe Google should buy Sun’s hardware business from Oracle 🙂
[But I suspect Google has even less inclination to be a hardware vendor than does Oracle!]


Sadly not mine… but some interesting internal pictures of the new Dell Latitude 2100. Check out Gulilaume’s Blog.

Finally got 50% of what I need to start *that* project…

Dell Mini 9 in white.

Dell Mini 9 in white.

…just off to PCWorld to purchase a copy of MacOS X.