Customer Support: Miele Style

March 8, 2010

I *KNOW* I have the manual from my Miele CVA620 coffee machine filed away somewhere safe… however when the built-in display on the machine insists that it is time to run a “Rinsing Cycle”, you can bet the folder containing the manual will be hiding away!

And that’s why I love any vendor who is smart enough to provide me with easy online access to manuals (PDF format is great for this kind of stuff); indepth technical manuals are a nice bonus for the nerdier amongst us. Miele do this very well, it’s possible to find user manuals for all of their appliances here:

Now why can’t all vendors be that helpful? It’s not like the user manuals contain any kind of secrets that can’t be revealed, there’s one shipped with every appliance out there (and it’s probably printed from a PDF 😉 anyway)! Improving the customers’ experience can be done with so little effort and incremental cost that it astonishes me when a company can’t be bothered to do something so simple.

For the record, the PDF User Manual for a Miele CVA620 is available to download here:



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