Celebrity Deathmatch: Canonical/Ubuntu Vs Google

July 11, 2009

It’s never a good day when a significant, some would say dominant, company enters “your” market. You will always hear the usual “it validates our marketspace”… but it is also usually the sound of the beginning of the end…

This has happened before:

  • Lotus 1-2-3 Vs Microsoft Excel
  • Novell Netware Vs Microsoft
  • Yahoo Vs Google

Next on the list:

It may be that Google’s (second) entry into the Operating System marketplace will boost Ubuntu and Linux in general. However, even though ChromeOS might be initially targetted at Netbooks and similar systems, I suspect that it won’t be long before we see a “Server” version, and more likely a “Cloud” version… watch out Amazon ECC!

I’m sure that people will also point to the vast installed base that Ubuntu currently has, but it seems that Linux users are a fickle lot, and will happily try out a new Linux distribution, especially if it comes with the promise of even more “ease-of-use”, not to mention a “trusted” brand. The hardware vendors are no different… they will all, to differing degrees, support and fulfill a customer demand, following the market trends.

And my last random thought: maybe Google should buy Sun’s hardware business from Oracle 🙂
[But I suspect Google has even less inclination to be a hardware vendor than does Oracle!]


2 Responses to “Celebrity Deathmatch: Canonical/Ubuntu Vs Google”

  1. Mesanna Says:

    I wouldn’t rule out Canonical just yet.

    You’ve got Google, with the all the bad press about their privacy policies, vs Ubuntu, where even their name is based on the concept of “humanity toward others”. That’s definitely Round One to Canonical!

    The way I see it is, short-term Chrome OS will go head to head with Ubuntu Netbook Remix in the netbook market. Until Chrome OS is released, I’ve no idea who’ll win that battle, since Chrome might be crap. Long-term Google will (hopefully) bring Linux to the masses, and then everyone will realise how great it is and immediately dump Windows. The market’s big enough for several distros and competition is good for everyone. Simple, huh! 😀

    PS Your heading “Celebrity Deathmatch” made me LMAO!!

  2. Dan Homolka Says:

    Don’t get me wrong… I’m not predicting Canonical’s death, yet… just that things are going to be changing in a big way now that Google has joined the OS party 🙂

    I’m increasingly concerned with the level of “ownership” that Google is exercising over the web… a lot of folks, me included, tend to default to using Google services because they are well known. I’m all for competition 🙂

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