Windows 7 Update

July 11, 2009

I keep meaning to update my progress with Windows 7… but am getting distracted by “other things that need my attention”.

Dell Latitude E4300

One of my team very kindly short-circuited my procrastination gene and handed me an SSD with a Windows 7 RC image for my E4300 already pre-installed. Even I can manage a hard-disk swap 🙂

It’s a very nice environment to work in… No doubt this is helped an awful lot by the responsive solid state disk on which the OS is installed. It’s nice that everything “just works”. Not had a single crash the whole time I’ve been using it… no song and dance required with any of the peripherals that I have tested it with so far (cameras, music players, etc.) This is in contrast to a friend of mine, a vocal Open Source and Linux supporter, who was bitching to me about the flakiness of USB memory stick support in the latest version of his once favoured Linux distribution!

Windows 7 (RC), so far so good 🙂


It’s never a good day when a significant, some would say dominant, company enters “your” market. You will always hear the usual “it validates our marketspace”… but it is also usually the sound of the beginning of the end…

This has happened before:

  • Lotus 1-2-3 Vs Microsoft Excel
  • Novell Netware Vs Microsoft
  • Yahoo Vs Google

Next on the list:

It may be that Google’s (second) entry into the Operating System marketplace will boost Ubuntu and Linux in general. However, even though ChromeOS might be initially targetted at Netbooks and similar systems, I suspect that it won’t be long before we see a “Server” version, and more likely a “Cloud” version… watch out Amazon ECC!

I’m sure that people will also point to the vast installed base that Ubuntu currently has, but it seems that Linux users are a fickle lot, and will happily try out a new Linux distribution, especially if it comes with the promise of even more “ease-of-use”, not to mention a “trusted” brand. The hardware vendors are no different… they will all, to differing degrees, support and fulfill a customer demand, following the market trends.

And my last random thought: maybe Google should buy Sun’s hardware business from Oracle 🙂
[But I suspect Google has even less inclination to be a hardware vendor than does Oracle!]


Sadly not mine… but some interesting internal pictures of the new Dell Latitude 2100. Check out Gulilaume’s Blog.