Dell Mini-9 ESX Server

February 7, 2009

Dell Mini9
No, really. Discovered entirely unintentionally. But this can be added to the list of why the Mini9 is a great piece of kit.

This has got to be the most portable quickest implemented ESX Server ever.

  • Dell Mini9
  • ESXi (v3) on a bootable USB stick


  • Insert USB stick into Mini9
  • Boot from USB stick

Instant ESX Server!

Clearly the 2Gb of installed memory and Intel Atom processor might severly limit the capabilities of this new ESX Server, but I’m sure someone will find a use for it… maybe to physically move live VMs from one building to another, as long as you don’t loose your Wi-fi connection 🙂


4 Responses to “Dell Mini-9 ESX Server”

  1. Brent Ozar Says:

    The wifi and hard drive are detected OK? You’re sure? This’d be an awesome little demo setup.

  2. Dan Homolka Says:

    To be honest I’m not sure. I had a bootable USB Stick with a pre-release Beta of ESXi to hand… I was just testing the Mini-9 to ensure that it *would* boot from a USB stick.
    I suspect that the disk would be OK, likewise the wired network, although I suspect that Wi-Fi may not be considered a “server class” feature, so is likely to be missing.

    I’m not sure how useful an ESX Server host a Mini-9 would really make; perhaps something like a Dell M4400 mobile workstation laptop would be more appropriate. Next time I have the M4400 to hand I’ll try booting it up as an ESX Server and see how it copes.

  3. Brent Ozar Says:

    I travel and do demos for user group meetings, and it’d make for a fun demonstration of VMotion. If I’m running iSCSI on both that and my more robust demo laptop, then I might be able to VMotion over and demonstrate how the horsepower just dies, but that the OS admin wouldn’t know his underlying hardware had changed.

  4. […] small test system with low power consumption and low noise level for “in office use”. Dell Mini-9 ESX Server « DrDan’s Blog, really. Discovered entirely […]

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