New Nikons here & on their way.

February 9, 2008

Occasionally when a new camera body is launched, it is *essential* that you buy it. I need to upgrade my D80 to a D3 or a D300 🙂

On the other hand, perhaps I should just wait for the next one, as that one is bound to be better…
… detailed specifications of the soon to be launched Nikon D90.

For you Canon guys, don’t feel left out… this guy seems to have some excellent contacts within Canon too, and scooped this, on the forthcoming Canon 400D replacement.


One Response to “New Nikons here & on their way.”

  1. Jonny E Says:

    2 blog entries within a week – I’m impressed Dr_Dan! I completely agree about the _requirement_ to buy new kit. I saw the forthcoming features for the D450… looks like Canon are moving to SD cards, and a change in battery format. Makes my battery grip purchase for my D400 limited to that body only. Grrr.

    I also have to report a weakening of resolve, and have purchased a new lens. It’s a nice 200mm prime f2.8L lens. Fortunately, not white, so it’s not in the ‘look at me!’ Canon category. This was all brought about because I was given a go with a 1D MkIII with a 300mm prime f2.8L lens. Not good for my bank balance at all, now just how much would a new body cost…?

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