It seems there have been a few more departures from Novell in recent weeks.

“Reverend” Ted Haeger – a leading light in Novell & Linux Advocacy. I met with him briefly whilst at Novell, on one of his many flying visits to the UK, he certainly left an impression on me! 🙂

My good friend Roger, also pointed out that Robert Love – one of the key Linux desktop developers, and ex-primate, is also on his way to pastures new.

And some re-organization of the Linux structure within the company:

Novell dissolves its Linux Impact Team. To find out where some of the ex-LIT folks are, a website has been set-up to track them 🙂

For completeness sake, I should name-check a couple of S.u.S.E “alumni” sites:

I’m sure Novell will survive without these guys, but, as always, it will be a different place.