Gadgets galore

March 31, 2007

I subscribe to, it seems, far too many “gadget” RSS news feeds.

For example:

Now I need to one of these handy USB HD-TV tuners. Then of course, I’ll need an HD signal for it too 😉


Lights, camera, action…

March 28, 2007

I got my old Nikon F401 camera back last weekend.NikonF-401

So it’s old, late 80s, early 90s, and works with real 35mm film! Can you believe it? 😉

Having used “consumer” digital cameras for the last 10 years or so, I had forgotten what a “real” camera was like to use. Instant response. Pin-sharp view through the viewfinder… and I bet the roll of film I used up will contain some great pictures… due mainly to the camera.


This has re-ignited my interest in, so called serious photography, so my gadget shopping list now has a new entry… Nikon D80. Recently the D80 was well reviewed by “The Gadget Show” on five (UK TV channel), against the Canon Digital EOS 400.

[To be fair, I do still love my Canon Digital IXUS… it’s a great little camera, and still a beautiful piece of industrial design.] CanonDigitalIXUS

Goodbye #2

March 26, 2007

So I just heard (well it was last week, but he asked me to keep it quiet until it was “public”), that one of my former Linux Technical Specialist colleagues at Novell, has decided to move on, he’ll soon be seen performing technical pre-sales activity at Opsware.

Nice one Matt, I hope you enjoy the ride!

(Why #2? I count myself as #1… well someone has to 😉 )

Novell Brainshare

March 24, 2007

I’m almost jealous of some of my former colleagues at Novell who are entertaining themselves in various ways at what has got to be the absolute best technical conference in the IT industry: Brainshare.

It’s just handy that Novell are located in Utah, home of what is described as “The Greatest Snow on Earth”, so Chris and the boys can at least enjoy a little bit of light recreation.

Hello & Goodbye SuSE.

March 13, 2007

This is a bit of a cheat (being a back-dated post), but I felt it was relevant enough to make the exception prove the rule.

13th March 2007 was my last day at Novell Inc. It was a fun 3 and a bit years, working with some spectacularly smart people – always a joy. This of course was post-SuSE acquisition, where I spent two happy years. I never thought I would describe a job as a happy place to be… but I don’t think I will ever work for a company that was as enjoyable and exhilarating as SuSE, truly a roller-coaster!
Goodbye SuSE.

Have a lot of fun…